Next steps

How will the Trump Keystone XL executive order and similar decisions

impact the industry and U.S. economy?

       By Ben Hutterer

       You may have thought that the Keystone pipeline project is dead. Perhaps you felt that there were just too many obstacles. It appears that you’d be wrong – the project is, for better or worse, expected to move forward and be huge. (Or at least it has the potential to be.)

State of the Ind

After turning the corner on a deep and prolonged downturn, the E&P sector

finds itself emerging into a brighter but still uncertain future. 

By Kevin Schroeder

The recovery in crude oil pricing is adding optimism to the industry. In Grant Thornton/Hart Energy’s 2016 energy survey, more respondents said they planned to increase capital spending in the United States, and almost half want to increase M&A and make strategic deals.

We’re seeing the optimism in action:


Rock and a hard place: 

What will be the impact of EPA’s proposed financial assurance regulations

for the hardrock mining industry?

By Michael S. Giannotto and Matthew Brewer

In January 2017, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed a rule under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (“CERCLA”). If finalized, the rule would impose new and extensive requirements that U.S. hardrock mining operations maintain financial assurances sufficient to fund potential CERCLA liabilities (such as remediation costs and natural resource damages [NRD]) that they might potentially incur due to releases of hazardous substances from their facilities.


Integrated gas detection monitoring helps a company

secure a safer future for the workforce.

By Rich Wilson

Hydrogen sulfide. Carbon monoxide. Benzene. Formic acid. Methane. A major – if not the largest – priority for companies operating in high-risk industries should be the safety of the workforce, and organizations must invest in the implementation of reliable gas detection systems and emergency procedures should a hazardous event occur – emphasizing their commitment to safety. Now, with the advancement of mobile gas monitoring technology, modern systems can help create a safer and more streamlined environment of self-sustained safety for the whole site.

Mining Trends

The top 10 trends today’s leaner and fitter mining companies

will face in coming years, and how to prepare for them.

By Phil Hopwood

Things are starting to look up in the mining industry. With commodity prices on the rise and financing picking up, there is a measure of cautious optimism among miners. We are seeing a number of commodities in the middle of a bull run.

But that doesn’t mean it should be business as usual.


EP Outlook 1

A long, strange trip:

The status quo in exploration and production has re-emerged,

but not in the way we expected.

By Scott Cockerham

As an energy investment banker, it is always encouraging to meet with clients navigating the business as independent operators in exploration and production (E&P). The tech-savvy entrepreneurs who strike out on their own are the lifeblood of innovation in E&P, and it is their gumption that has led to breakthroughs in unconventional drilling, horizontal drilling and a host of other industry-advancing achievements.

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