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Status Quo’s Hidden Cost: Defining what an ideal well looks like and developing a plan for it

requires completion managers to become visionaries.

By C. Lloyd Brown

For years, completion engineers have trusted pressure pumping companies’ standard completion processes. It’s easy, it’s familiar and, on the surface, it looks like it gets the job done. 

     What is often overlooked is the fact that standard or cookbook completion processes are not tailored to your company’s unique reservoir characteristics and other important considerations that must be addressed to achieve long-term production and profit goals. While the standard process is good for the pumping company, the potentially negative impact it has on well performance and, ultimately, bottom-line profits, can be and often is substantial.

     Breaking away from the status quo can be challenging because it is ingrained in the procedures and processes of your established completions strategy. It becomes routine and, over time, is perceived as normal, even successful. However, when you are challenged to reframe the way you think about your standard completion processes and introduced to new and better ways to create impactful change, the end-result is optimal productivity and long-term profitability. 

Be a Visionary

Beginning with the end in mind requires looking into the future to determine what is required to make healthy, productive wells that meet or exceed productivity and financial expectations. Defining what an ideal well looks like and developing a plan that provides the best opportunity for that outcome requires completion managers to become visionaries. 

     This requires using scientific processes and identifying operational best practices, both of which are foundational to creating that vision and building a program that can deliver the ideal well. Insights originate by challenging paradigms and beginning with the end in mind. They lead to changes in completion processes that increase productive well lifecycles and can turn financial loss into predictable and consistent financial returns. 

     Status quo is the enemy. A standardized approach to processes and procedures that have become routine and familiar severely limits the potential to make great, high-performing wells with long-term financial viability. Smart Chemical Services is a change leader. We embrace science-driven solutions born of proven, data-backed research. Smart Chemical Services is a thought leader. Let us partner with you and help you envision a better future.  

Give the Rock What it Wants

Smart Chemical’s geological and geo-chem databases provide valuable evaluation tools that are used to determine a comprehensive solution. This solution identifies what processes need to be implemented on your specific rock composition in your specific geographical area. Using our scientific process and continuous evaluation platforms, our programs and management systems are constantly evolving and actively applied on a daily basis across the major onshore basins in the United States. Our many years of experience have given us the ability to recognize and state unequivocally that “the Rock is the Boss.” Our experience also tells us that companies are losing millions of dollars over the life of their assets by not recognizing who the boss is. 

     Rest assured the status quo can be overcome. We help customers do it every day. We can help you and your company obtain a brighter future by challenging you to think differently, quantifying the cost of taking no action and utilizing our world-class laboratories and testing facilities to customize a solution for you that disrupts the status quo and changes outcomes.

Get Smart Solutions

Begin with the end in mind and envision a future that provides long-term, predictable performance and bottom-line results. Status quo is the friend of average.  

     Smart Chemical Services recognizes that to become great requires that you never settle. Don’t ever be satisfied and you will always be at your best. Your company and its stakeholders deserve the best. Let’s get started. EMI

C. LLOYD BROWN is CEO of Smart Chemical Solutions LLC. For more information, visit


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