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As the markets for alternative fuel sources continue to heat up, the LNG/LPG sector is one of those that is receiving a lot of interest from people around the world. The number of projects based on LNG or LPG fuel sources has increased dramatically over the last several years, and many of the leading companies in those sectors have experienced significant success as a result. We have chosen to highlight a few of those industry-leading companies in this issue of Energy & Mining International, and in the profiles that follow we take a closer look at how these companies have been able to carve out their own unique positions within the LNG/LPG arena. 

As befits an emerging market like LNG/LPG, many of these companies are relatively young but have come out of the gate with strong qualities that have catapulted them to elite status in a short timeframe. One of these is NextDecade, which was founded to serve the LNG sector with development and management services just five years ago, but has grown quickly thanks in large part to its ability to help its customers gain access to the LNG resources its projects require. 

In Central America and the Caribbean, Admiral LPG is helping customers develop projects that deliver reliable and cleaner energy to end-users. The company has been involved in many of the largest energy projects in Central America and the Caribbean, and the company says the demand for LPG projects have kept it busy over the last two years with the fracking boom making LPG more affordable.

These companies and others featured in this section represent the future not only of the LNG/LPG market, but also the future of the energy world as a whole. 

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