PCI Manufacturing LLC was created by the Pinnacle Cos. Inc. to meet the popular demand of its customers for high-quality, innovative products. “Our company goal is innovation within the normal product lines that we carry,” CEO Matthew Hanna emphasizes. PCI Manufacturing offers a variety of liquid storage tanks, vacuum transports, frac tanks, acid tanks, MobilePonds and skidded mud tanks, as well as custom steel manufactured products.

“We also do a lot of customized work,” Hanna adds. “Most of the people in our business that are frac tank or vacuum trailer builders do a cookie-cutter unit, which is easiest for them to run through production. We take a very different way. We are very willing to customize any of our products to fit the needs of the customer. We’ve really become known for our high quality and our customization capabilities. That’s what draws people to us. I would say that 70 percent of our customers are repeat customers, and it stays that way, mostly because of our willingness to make exactly what they need.”

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For more than 50 years, Parkson Corp. has supplied equipment and solutions for potable water, process water, and industrial and municipal wastewater applications. The company designs, engineers and assembles products for municipal and industrial wastewater customers. Today, the company is working to provide the highest quality products and customer service possible as it looks for opportunities to grow organically and through acquisition in its market segments.

“We design and manufacture water and wastewater equipment for municipal and industrial systems,” says Mark Turpin, vice president, general manager and chief marketing officer. “We are headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale and have about 100 employees at facilities here in Florida, Illinois, Kansas and Dubai.”

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There’s no doubt that hydraulic fracturing is on the rise in North America as an effective means of unlocking oil and gas in reserves previously believed to be inaccessible. As an essential component of the fracking process, frac sand has become a hot commodity, and those with access to the highest-quality frac sand stand to be a major supplier to the energy sector. That’s why Matthew Segerstrom and Travis Adams have confidence that their company, Paramount Sand, soon will be one of the leading providers of frac sand in the industry. 

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Pacific Petroleum California Inc. sees tremendous growth opportunity for its transportation, rental and labor services in the bustling California oil fields. “I think it’s a good time to be in the oil industry,” Owner John Hochleutner says. “It is coming back in this state and a lot of new companies are starting up in the older fields.” 

Hochleutner started in the oil industry as a vacuum truck driver and worked his way up the ranks to become a crude oil and diesel gasoline tank driver. He later took a supervisory position as a vacuum truck foreman for a vacuum truck company before becoming a partner at Pacific Petroleum in 1983. “The opportunity became available to me and I thought this was a chance to put my skills to use and expand and grow the company,” Hochleutner says. 

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When Northern Electric Inc. (NEI) started operations in 1975, a modest portion of its work consisted of projects for oil and gas clients. But as activity in the Bakken formation has surged, the firm’s oil and gas business has grown with it.

Based in Westminster, Colo., the company provides electrical and automation contracting services for multiple sectors, including industrial, governmental, correctional and power distribution. When serving oil and gas clients, “We do all the electrical and automation construction and commissioning,” Vice President of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Jeff Ameiorsano says.

The surge in the company’s business thanks to the Bakken has not been limited to the exploration sector, Ameiorsano explains. “They have been doing a lot of midstream and downstream work,” he adds.

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When doing typical blasting in a mine, it is common that fractured rock exists around the perimeter of the blast that creates a safety hazard because the loose material is at risk of falling on miners. A product that can eliminate or minimize this risk can decrease the chance of injury and can also save time and costs associated with “screening and bolting.” 

Nordex Explosives Ltd. obtained the exclusive rights to a perimeter control product developed in Australia and decided to retain the catchy name “Buttbuster” used by Johnex Explosives Ltd. The name was well-known by people in the mining industry and its use well-understood. “We thought it was unique, so we kept it,” Nordex President and CEO Jim Taylor says of the name.

“It’s a specialty product designed specifically for perimeter control in both underground and surface blasting,” Taylor adds. Buttbuster controls the amount of energy in the outside holes of a blast, thereby minimizing excess breakage and fracturing.

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NG Resources Corp. was established out of necessity five years ago when it’s sister company BCCK Engineering was unable to find a reliable fabrication facility in the Permian Basin that could offer quality cold boxes, skids and pipe racks. 

The Midland, Texas-based company started in 2009 by performing all of its work for BCCK Engineering projects. NG Resources’ sister company is a leader in natural gas processing and treating. “We are under the same ownership and the company was started to do work for BCCK, but we have grown the shop in a way to allow for third-party work,” BCCK Engineering Vice President Greg Hall says.

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Since 1984, Machines Roger International has been known as a name that means quality in the mining sector. Whether it is working as a contractor on a job site or simply providing specialized equipment, Machines Roger International has proven that it has the products and services necessary to thrive in a highly competitive marketplace. Business Development Manager Roger Perron says the company demonstrated those attributes at the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum Convention in Vancouver in May, and it expects to continue building on its strengths for the foreseeable future.

Based in Val-d’Or, Quebec, Canada, Machines Roger International was founded by Roger Masse, a miner who was dedicated to finding methods to improve safety in  mining. In 1984, he developed the V-30 boring head, which improved drilling methods for slot raise development, making their development more efficient and safer. The company continued as a manufacturer of specialized drill equipment until it added a contracting division to provide drilling services. 

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