Rangeland Engineering is a company on the move. President and CEO Ron Daye has more than four decades of experience as a process engineer and project manager in the oil and gas industry. When the oil and gas sector in Canada started to expand at the turn of the century, he decided to seize the opportunity and founded Rangeland in 2001. The company has realized consistent growth during the past decade-plus because of its work ethic and skillset. 

Rangeland Engineering offers a number of diverse services. These include everything from process design, project management and project development engineering to drafting and design services, commissioning and startup, and construction management. 

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The utilization of pressure, temperature, flow, density and level measurement devices in pipeline storage, distribution and custody transfer systems allows midstream and upstream producers to communicate, monitor and control the flow of oil and gas from the wellhead to end-users. The lack of basic infrastructure in remote areas of many of the most prolific shale plays such as the South-Central Texas Eagle Ford Shale, North Dakota’s Bakken Shale and the expanding plays in the Permian Basin of west Texas require the latest instrumentation technology to collect and transfer the data to remote control rooms miles from these field sites. This information is critical to the safe operation and profitability of the producer.

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Some companies take many years to build a loyal customer base, but it has taken only five years for Phoenix Services LLC to establish that foundation. Today, President of West Texas Reece Boudreaux says about 90 percent of the company’s work is for repeat clients, including exploration titans such as ConocoPhilips Co., Apache Corporation, XTO Energy, Berry Petroleum and Diamondback Energy.

Phoenix Services, headquartered in Houston, offers clients oilfield services, including water transport, water transfer, frac and acid tank rentals, workforce accommodations, crude oil hauling, salt water disposal, frac water heating and other surface equipment rentals.

Boudreaux co-founded the company in 2009 with CEO Mark Fisher, President of South and Central Texas Terry Pruitt, and Kyle Glicksman, president of Barnett Shale. More recently, it added Mark Hefley, the president and CEO of SuperHeaters LLC, as a partner.

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The founder of one of the most successful companies in Puerto Rico has a message for future business owners. “If you are confident, sure and you have the proper business knowledge for the field you want to enter, let go of your safety net, deliver excellent service to your clients and you’ll be met with success,” says Robin González, president and CEO of PetroWest Inc. 

Today, PetroWest is the No. 1 fuel supplier in Puerto Rico, and upholds an excellent reputation in the market for its distribution services.  However, it wasn’t always this way for the petroleum wholesaler. Like most beginning entrepreneurs, González began his business with minimum resources and high risk.

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In its line of work, it’s not unusual for North American Construction Group (NACG) to work on the same site for the same client for years, even decades in some cases. As a heavy construction contractor working in the Alberta oil sands market, NACG’s services play a role throughout a mine’s life, from beginning to end. 

“Having worked on every operating mine site in the Alberta oil sands and many of them since their inception, we look at our services as covering the whole of the mine’s life,” COO Joe Lambert says. “We’re often one of the first contractors onsite, building access roads or peeling back the muskeg which is that top layer of peaty moss-like material.”

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Noralta Lodge provides accommodations to oil services professionals in northern Alberta that are a far cry from the utilitarian stereotype of remote lodging. “You can think of us as a hotel in the bush,” CFO Frankie Kim says. 

Noralta Lodge differentiates itself from other companies that provide temporary accommodations by focusing on the total customer experience. 

As opposed to the shacks and man-camps sometimes seen in oil regions, Noralta Lodge features high-quality manufactured suites, Red-Seal certified chefs, exceptionally clean rooms and many amenities. “We provide good rest, connectivity to family and great food,” Kim explains. “Guests who are safe and well fed are more productive and safer at work.” Noralta Lodge facilities provide gourmet meals with round-the-clock dining, private rooms, fitness centers and game rooms.

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KP Directional Drilling Services knew its business model needed to stand out from the beginning. The directional drilling services it performs for the oil and gas industry might look similar to those of many other companies, but its attention to detail, quality personnel and flexibility are what set it apart.

Kirk Pearcy founded KP Directional Drilling Services in 2012. The Midland, Texas- based company operates horizontal and directional drilling, and measurement-while-drilling (MWD) technology in the Permian Basin and greater Texas area. “We contract with energy companies and provide the highest quality of directional drilling services to our customers to achieve maximum return on every project,” Pearcy explains. “When drilling a well, many factors have to be taken into consideration to achieve what the energy companies are trying to accomplish for greater returns on production.”

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Ivanhoe Energy is eager to address the shortage of oil that is expected to occur in coming years. According to Ivanhoe Energy’s own consultants, as well as research done by the oil and gas industry and some of the majors, many see a significant shortfall in supply by 2030. Even with light oil production and oil produced from fracking, there still will be a shortfall, and Ivanhoe Energy believes heavy oil can make up for that. 

“There is a tremendous amount of heavy oil in the world, we just have to monetize it to meet the global crude oil demand,” Chief Technology Officer Michael Silverman says. “Heavy oil is difficult to monetize because it takes a tremendous amount of energy to get it out of the ground; it has a very high viscosity and can’t be moved through pipelines; and the material straight out of the ground has little value because there is so much residual oil in it. However, we are eliminating all three of these major challenges.” 

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